Cavallo Cute Little Boots (CLB), black


For small horses, ponies, donkeys, shetties, minis / smallest hooves  Cavallo offers this hoof boot which has been well developed.
Sold as pair

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Cavallo Cute Little Boots (CLB)

For small horses, ponies, donkeys, shetties, minis / smallest hooves bietet die canadische Firma “Cavallo Horse & Rider” diesen in der Entwicklung ausgereiften Hufschuh, der in der bewährten Cavallo-Strapazierfähigkeit und Qualität hergestellt wurde. Das Upper material is made of Denier Nylon and equipped with a soft foam collar and reflective logos.

The hoof boot is very easy to put on and adapts to individual hooves and bales. It can be used for the left or right front and rear hoof. The sole is pliable and flexible.

The sizes range from 51-71 mm (size M1) to 83-102 mm (size M4).
The regular sizes (black collar) are for rather round hooves, the slim sizes (grey collar) for rather narrow hooves (see size chart).
Sold as pair

Größentabelle Cavallo CLB:

CLB-Size Hoof Length Hoof Width
Regular M1 62-71 mm 62-71 mm
Regular M2 72-82 mm 72-82 mm
Regular M3 83-92 mm 83-92 mm
Regular M4 93-102 mm 93-102 mm
Slim M1 62-71 mm 51-61 mm
Slim M2 72-82 mm 62-72 mm
Slim M3 83-92 mm 73-82 mm
Slim M4 93-102 mm 83-92 mm

cavallo_CLB-Regular-Size-chart-2020-measuring-info cavallo_CLB-Slim-chart-measuring-info

Video: Cavallo Cute Little Boots

Video: Cavallo Hoof Boot fitting

Video: breaking in your new Cavallo Boots

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M1 regular, M1 slim, M2 regular, M2 slim, M3 regular, M3 slim, M4 regular, M4 slim


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