Scoot Boot Pastern Strap


  • Fesselriemen für den Scoot Boot in vielen Farben
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Scoot Boot Pastern Straps

Erhältlich in den Farben:

  • Schwarz, Pink, Grün, Rot, Orange, Blau und Lila
  • seit 2022 auch in den Farben: Blossom, Emerald, Hibiskus, Marigold, Marine, Mulberry und Navy

The Scoot Boot Pastern Straps are available in sizes :

    • SMALL for Scoot Boots size M00 - 00
    • MEDIUM for Scoot Boots Size 0 - 3
    • LARGE for Scoot Boots Size 4 – 9
    • EXTRA LARGE for Scoot Boots Size 10/11

The pastern strap is intended to help prevent the boot from being pulled off due to grabbing or being sucked down by mud while riding. It is not intended to be the primary source of securement. The strap is made of very strong thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and is designed to stretch when under strain so that the strap does not interfere with the horse's pastern when properly secured. It also has a series of holes to ensure correct adjustment depending on the circumference of the pastern.

How do you secure the Scoot Boot Pastern Strap ?

To set the strap at the correct length, make sure your horse is standing upright with its legs at 90 degree. Once secured, you should be able to place one finger (large) or two fingers (small) under the straps at the front of the pastern.

  • Price per piece


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Bordeauxrot / Mulberry, Dunkelblau / Navy, Dunkelgrün / Emerald, Gelb / Marigold, Lachsrot / Hibiskus, Mintfarben / Marine, Rosa / Blossom, Standard (Schwarz / black), Blau / blue /aqua, Grün / green, Lila / purple, Orange, Pink, Rot / red

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