Scoot Boot Frontstraps, long

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  • long frontstraps
  • available in black
  • wahlweise mit Schraub-Knöpfen

Delivery period 2-5 workdays (in Germany)


Scoot Boot Frontstraps

  • 10mm (3/8") longer than normal size
  • available in black
  • wahlweise mit Schraub-Knöpfen

The 10mm (3/8") added length modifies the Scoot Boots to fit hoof pathologies that can widen the front opening of the boot, making the regular Front Straps too short.

The front closure straps are designed to make the application and removal process of the Scoot Boot very simple and practical. As with the pastern strap, the front closure straps are made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU), which has excellent strength and flexibility.

Video: Replacing the front straps on the Scoot Boot

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