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Out of a deep love for horses,

the own disappointments of not finding a suitable, competent and reliable hoof trimmer, as well as a stay abroad with do-it-yourself efforts and experience, the idea of doing the training myself was born. Since 2000 I have been working as a self-employed hoof groomer and I use only hoof boots as hoof protection.

Yours Michéle Mesche

Bare hoof care

The cut-out concept F-Balance takes into account the natural hoof shapes and movement possibilities. It follows anatomically measurable signs on the hoof in order to prepare it optimally and individually for each horse. The horse and its nature always indicate how the hoof should be positioned. In this way, the horse is perfectly balanced and very often expensive shoes are unnecessary and secondary diseases are prevented or even eliminated.

I also organize presentations and seminars on horse health, horse handling and their (and our) training.

Specially for owners whose horses are reluctant to give hooves, I offer intensive courses on request.