Test hoof boots in 3 steps !

And this is how it works:

1. Determine the hoof size of your horse!                         

How to determine the hoof size of your horse is shown in the picture below. If you are unsure about the right boot and size, simply take photos of the hooves [from the freshly worked hoof of your horse ( up to max. 6 days later)] ! Photograph the hoof once from the front, once from below (hoof lifted) and once from the side. Then send me the photos so that I can advise you or send me the photos by mail or What's App 01755615336.

2. Choose your desired hoof boot !

Select a hoof boot from the boots overview below and enter it as your desired hoof boot under "Your message". 
We will issue an invoice and send it to you by e-mail.
Sie können den Testschuh aber auch telefonisch bestellen: Rufen Sie mich dazu einfach an, unter: 05571 – 91 98 26 oder 0175 – 56 15 336.
Please leave a message on the answering machine if you cannot reach me,
I'm probably on an outside appointment and will call you back as soon as possible.

How to find the right hoof boot size for your horse:

On the freshly worked hoof of your horse (until max. 6 days later) you measure the hooves as shown in the picture.
With rather oval shaped hooves the width of the hoof is more important than the length. The length can also be very difficult to measure or determine with certain hoof shapes, or is then less meaningful!
With rather round hooves the width is usually more important, with rather long hooves the length.

3. Test the hoof boot of your choice!

  • A consultation costs you nothing if you buy hoof boots from us afterwards. 
  • After receipt of the deposit (= new price + 5,00€ shipping) we will send you the desired hoof boots immediately. You can then test them for 14 days, possibly even longer. If we do not receive any feedback for 4 weeks, the purchase contract is concluded!
  • In case of non-compliance/extension of the test period (14 days for 30,-€ per pair) the test fee is increased by 20,00€ per pair for each newly started week.
  • The fee also applies if you ordered the wrong size or if you have NOT been able to test the hoof boots in the specified time period. If the hoof boots are damaged during the test, you will have to pay for the repair.
  • The test excludes the use of the boots as rehabilitation / sick boots !!

What's next?

  • You like the boot? Great!!!! I wish you many great rides. If you liked my test-service, please do not hesitate to tell others about it.
  • If you don't like the shoes, please return the cleaned hoof boots (address in Impressum) and we will refund the normal price (minus the test fee of 30€ per pair for 14 days + postage).
  • Important:
    WHEN RETURNING: Please do not forget to include a short note with your name/address AND your IBAN for refunds or your desired size/brand if you want to exchange the boots!

Test hoof boots locally!

On-site prices

  • consultation and fitting per pair 50,00€
  • For the whole horse 60,00€ (fore and hindquarters)
  • Hoof boot test per 14 days and per pair : 30,00€
  • Each additional week or part thereof plus 20,-€
Working areas and travel costs
  • County NOM, GÖ, HI, HOL, KS.
   On request also nationwide or abroad (from 5 horses)
  • Directions: up to 25 km included! Otherwise 0,50€ per kilometer
Bare hoof care
  • starting from 35 Euro
Gladly I also come to your home!
Call me under : 05571 - 91 98 26
mobile: 0175 - 56 15 336
Please leave a message on the answering machine if you can't reach me. I'm probably on an outside appointment and will call you back as soon as possible.
Or just come along with your horse!
As a hoof groom, I can prepare your horse's hooves for hoof boot testing in the best possible way!
Call now
Phone number: 0049 5571919826 or: 0175 - 56 15 336

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