Test Riding-Pads

And this is how it works:

1. choose a riding cushion!                         

You can, but do not have to buy a riding pad just like that. Take the opportunity to test the riding pad of your choice.

2. choose your desired riding cushion!

Wählen Sie aus der unteren Reitpad-Übersicht oder aus dem Shop eins aus und geben Sie es in der Email unter “Deine Nachricht” als Wunsch an. 
We will issue an invoice and send it to you by e-mail.
You can also order the test riding pad by phone: Just give me a call at: +495571 – 91 91 397 or +49175 – 56 15 336.
You can reach me Mo-Fr from 7-11 and 15.30-19. On Sat from 7-13 o'clock
Please leave a message on the answering machine if you can't reach me. I'm probably on an outside appointment and will call you back as soon as possible.
You will receive your test riding pad in the desired size. However, we cannot guarantee that the test pad will be available in the colour of your choice. After successful testing, you can exchange the tested riding pad for one in the colour of your choice.

How to find the right riding pad size for your horse:

If you already have a suitable saddle for your horse, you can use its measurements as a guide when choosing the riding pad.
If different riders are to use the riding pad, it is recommended to choose a longer pad length.
A short girth is usually sufficient for the riding pad due to the length of the straps. If you are unsure whether you have the right girth at home, measure the belly circumference of your horse in the girth position. Subtract 2 x the length of the saddle flap of the riding pad you want to use and you will know how much girth you still have to bridge with the girth. If the girth is too long, the girth buckles could press on the rider's leg. If you do not have a suitable girth at home, please inform us of the measured abdominal girth and we will send you a suitable girth for the test riding pad.
Our riding pads usually offer sufficient spinal space and are cut in such a way that even horses with higher withers can be ridden with them. You can find out whether a made-to-measure horse pad is necessary by taking advantage of our test offer. Custom-made riding pads cannot be tested. Therefore, you should find out in advance whether your desired riding pad actually meets your expectations.

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3. test the riding cushion of your choice!

  • A consultation costs you nothing if you buy a riding pad from us afterwards. 
  • Nach Eingang der Kaution (= Neupreis + 5,95€ Versand ) schicken wir Ihnen das gewünschte Reitkissen umgehend zu. Sie können dieses dann 7 Tage für 10 € testen, evtl. auch länger. Erhalten wir 4 Wochen keine Rückmeldung, ist der Kaufvertrag abgeschlossen!
  • In case of non-compliance/extension of the test period (14 days for 30,-€ per pad) the test fee is increased by 20,00€ per riding pad for each newly started week.
  • Die Gebühr fällt auch an, wenn Sie die falsche Größe bestellt haben oder Sie das Reitkissen  im angegebenen Zeitraum NICHT testen konnten. Sollte das Reitkissen während des Tests beschädigt werden, müssen Sie für die Reparatur aufkommen.
  • Our riding pads are not for rent ! We offer you this test opportunity so that you can find the right riding pad for you and your horse!

What's next?

  • Like the pad ? Great ! I wish you many great rides. If you liked my test service, please recommend me to others.
  • If you are not satisfied, send back the cleaned / brushed out Reitkissen zurück und Sie bekommen den Normalpreis, (abzüglich der Testgebühr + Porto), erstattet.
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  • Important:
    WHEN RETURNING: Please do not forget to include a short note with your name/address AND your IBAN for refunds or your desired size/brand if you want to exchange the pad

Request for Testing

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