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Atcom ECS Vital 5,0 kg, 10kg, 25kg

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  • provide horses with hormonal disorders with all important vitamins and nutrients
  • improve hoof growth and hoof health

Delivery period 2-5 workdays (in Germany)

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ATCOM supplementary feed, pelleted
  • complete mineral feed in premium quality ensures in a highly available form the basic need for essential vital substances of the horse sensitive to laminitis and/or with sensistive metabolism and prevents nutritional deficiency symptoms
  • the active ingredients contained are ideal for nutritional support of the older horse with sensitivity in the hormonal system
  • the specially adapted active ingredients can improve the general condition and contribute to the well-being of the horse
  • free from molasses, grain components and dextrose for optimum tolerance
  • only 0.2% sugar and 0.7% starch
  • for targeted support of the hoof horn enriched with biotin and essential hoof nutrients (methionine, cystine, lecithin, zinc)
  • with organically bound copper, manganese, zinc and selenium
  • Liver protection and prevention of toxins through bentonite, B vitamins and lecithin
  • can facilitate the fur change
  • special nutrients such as biotin, organic trace elements and diatomaceous earth can support skin function and metabolism
  • with the extra plus of vitamin E, organic magnesium and essential amino acids (5% lysine, 3.1% methionine, 0.3% cystine) for support of the entire muscle metabolism and muscle build-up
  • the high-quality all-round care intensifies the colour and shine of the fur coat
  • with integrated optimal selenium supply, as Germany is a selenium deficiency area

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5 Kg, 10 kg, 25 kg