Swiss Galoppers, Spikes / Studs


Swiss Galoppers Spikes

  • 7 pieces with hardmetal inlay

Delivery period 2-5 workdays (in Germany)


Spikes for Swiss Galoppers

7 pieces with hardmetal inlay
The studs are to be placed in the pre-drilling points provided for this purpose, where the sole is extra reinforced. There is 1 spare spike enclosed in case of loss.
For installation, a hole with a diameter of max. 4.2mm and a depth of max. 9mm must be drilled. Afterwards the spikes are screwed in with a ratchet or spanner until they fit snugly. It must be ensured that the stud does not turn any further when the spike head is in contact with the boot, otherwise the stud will not hold well and will be lost.
To ensure a better hold, Swiss Galoppers recommends to additionally secure the spikes with an adhesive. Swiss Galoppers use the glue of" Ergo" type "5039 GEL".
Please do not use a cordless screwdriver, as this can lead to overtightening of the thread and thus the spikes are no longer held sufficiently in the boot and get lost.
Important note:
Swiss Galoppers recommends when using spikes to use only new hoof boots with intact soles, without abrasion, otherwise there is a risk that the spike will push through.
  • Amount: 7 pieces with hardmetal inlay

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