Swiss Galoppers, Fetlock Strap Cushioning


Fetlock Strap Cushioning ( without Fetlock Strap )
Amount: 1 pair

Delivery period 2-5 workdays (in Germany)

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Fetlock strap cushion (without fetlock strap) consisting of a 5mm thick soft neoprene, for horses with sensitive fetlocks in different sizes.

  • Size S: supplement to hoof boots SG3, SG3 and SG3-L and SG4-L
  • Size M: supplement to the hoof boots SG5, SG6 and SG5-L and SG6-L, length 10,5 cm
  • Size L: supplement to hoof boots SG7, SG8 and SG7-L and SG8-L
  • One pair

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S, M, L