Explora Magic


Explora Magic:

Lightweight all-rounder that is quick and easy to put on.

in addition:
- flexible
- non-slip
- comfortable
- fits almost all hooves

ATTENTION: for some colour combinations there may be delays in delivery.
Price per piece

Delivery period 2-3 workdays (in Germany)

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Explora Magic:

The height of your horse's bales is no longer a problem when looking for hoof boots.
The Explora Magic adapts to every hoof like a glove.
Simple, effective and super fast adjustment.

You can assemble the hoof boot easily and quickly.

It facilitates the horse's movements without restricting its freedom.
Maximum ergonomics for optimum performance.

The frog does not atrophy..
The boot can neither get lost nor move.

Adaptable to different types of hooves.
It allows the hoof to expand naturally. It has two longitudinal openings on both sides of the boot, which allow the hoof to expand despite the boot.
The bulbs can work freely and fulfil their natural function.

To prevent rubbing, a soft and breathable back protection has been developed.
Offroad sole, excellent grip on all terrains.

A good fit is the key to making sure the boot fits well.
It is resitant and reusable

There are spare parts of all its parts, which makes it an economic and environmentally friendly boot.
It is also easy to clean. The design is such that water, sand and mud can hardly get caught in the boot. So all you have to do is take care of riding...

Weight: 248-390gr per boot (depending on size)

Pro Paar Hufschuhe erhalten Sie einen Satz Ersatzschrauben.
Der Explora Magic wird standardmässig mit dem Neopren Sock geliefert. Der 3D Mesh Sock , der noch auf einigen Bildern zu sehn ist, wird nicht mehr produziert!

ATTENTION: for some colour combinations there may be delays in delivery.



Size Hoof Width approx. Hoof Length approx.
1 105 – 115 mm 110 – 120 mm
2 115 – 125 mm 120 – 130 mm
3 125 – 135 mm 130 – 140 mm
4 135 – 145 mm 140 – 150 mm


Size Hoof Width approx. Hoof Length approx.
E1 95 – 105 mm 105 – 115 mm
E2 105 – 115 mm 115 – 125 mm
E3 115 – 125 mm 125 – 135 mm
E4 125 – 135 mm 135 – 145 mm

Please read these instructions for ADJUSTING the Magic carefully and watch the videos before using this hoof boot. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused by improper use.

PDF: Explora Magic Fitting Guide

Video: Putting on Explora Magic Part 1

Video: putting on Explora Magic Part 2

Video: Explora Magic Fitting Guide

Zubehör Explora:

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1 (Regular), 2 (Regular), 3 (Regular), 4 (Regular), E1 (SLIM), E2 (SLIM), E3 (SLIM), E4 (SLIM)


Standard (Schwarz / black), Blau / blue /aqua, Gelb / Yellow, Orange, Pink, Rot / red

Basic colour_ExploraMagic

schwarz / black, transparent

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