Terrahipp Hoof Hardener, 350ml incl. Brush


By using the Terrahipp Hoof Hardener you can make the horn stronger and much more durable.

Delivery period 2-5 workdays (in Germany)


By using the TERRAHIPPⓇ hoof hardener, the horn becomes stronger and much more durable. After only a few weeks of use, you can see the difference. The horn abrasion of barefoot horses can be greatly reduced. Supporting edge, sole and white line become much stronger and more resilient. With shod horses, the shoeing is firmer and the hoof breaks out less.

application: Apply the hoof hardener on the white line and the bearing edge; coat the lower third of the hoof wall with the hoof hardener (height) of the nail holes.

  • To embellish the hooves.
  • For cleaning the white line.
  • For changeover from shod to bare hoof.
  • Odour eliminator.
  • Made in Germany.

Delivery content: 350ml bottle with safety cap, brush