Cavallo Gel Pads


Cavallo gel pads for temporary use when your horse's hooves are more sensitive.
Amount: 1 pair


Cavallo Gel Pads. Insoles for hoof boots. These cushioning inlays can be individually cut to size.

Cavallo Gel Pads are made from a technically advanced and specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer that is designed to provide your horse with temporary extra protection and increased comfort when making the transition from metal shoes to barefoot, while riding on very aggressive terrain or longer distances or for rehabilitation during an injury. Due to the pliable nature of gel, which moves into the sole cavity – blood flow and circulation is stimulated. This can speed up the healing process and increase hoof health.
As they are designed for temporary use, when being used for regular riding they can wear out more quickly than traditional pads and may need to be replaced from time to time.

  • Removable insole for greater comfort.
  • Easy to cut to size and adapt to your horse's hoof boots.
  • For temporary use.
  • Offers excellent shock absorption.
  • Minimises fatigue.
  • Tightens the fit of looser hoof boots slightly.
  • Sole, bar and frog stimulation.
  • The Cavallo Gel Pad is firm enough for the hoof mechanism to work, but soft enough to provide additional cushioning for your horse's hooves.
  • Amount: 1 pair

Attention: These insoles are too small for the Big Foot Boot from Cavallo, for which you should use the BFB Poly Pads and the BFB Protection Pads.