Cavallo Support Pads


One pair of cushioning customizable Support Pads

Delivery period 2-5 workdays (in Germany)


Cavallo Support Pads.

Insoles for hoof boots. These cushioning inlays can be individually cut to size.

Cavallo TPU support pads are moulded from a special industrial grade thermoplastic urethane compound to help absorb everyday impacts and give your horse extra comfort on the trails.

A Cavallos Enhanced Hoof Protection Pad (Support Pad), which is inserted into your hoof boot, absorbs bumps when you walk and minimises fatigue. Cavallo's advanced technology brings a new dimension of comfort.

The Cavallo Comfort Pad offers even more support.

Ideal for use during hoof therapy/rehabilitation or for added comfort when riding and trekking.Can be added to virtually any hoof boot, leaving your horse healthy, refreshed and ready to compete.

The Cavallo Support Pads are slightly softer than the Cavallo Comfort Pads.

  • Removable insole for extra cushioning and comfort.
  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations.
  • Can be added to hoof boots to improve the fit of the boot.
  • These comfort pads can be doubled for extra shock absorption and comfort.
  • Ideal for use as additional comfort and to promote blood circulation during hoof therapy/rehabilitation, during turnout or riding.
  • Made from a unique polymer compound.
  • The pad is 5 mm thick.
  • Weight: 0,275 kg per pair.
  • Amount: 1 pair

The comfort pad offers relief for horses suffering from laminitis, thin soles, hoof cracks, white line disease, hoof abscesses, navicular rot, navicular syndrome, hoof ulcer and more, or when changing from horseshoe to barefoot!


Attention: These insoles are too small for the Big Foot Boot from Cavallo, for which you should use the BFB Poly Pads and the BFB Protection Pads.

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