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The Flex Boots Reflective offer more safety in the dark.
Optionally with Small Parts Replacement Set.

Delivery period 2-3 workdays (in Germany)


Reflective FLEX Boots:

Reflective hoof boots are very helpful in the dark. Safety is of enormous importance to all riders. When you are riding, driving or walking on the road with your horse in hand, you want other road users to be able to see your horse as well as possible.

The Reflective Gaiter is made from the same comfortable and protective material as all other Flex Boot gaiters: Neoprene laminated with soft fabric.

Innovative hoof boot from Finland for barefoot running horses. Thanks to the many adjustment options, the FLEX Boot fits many hoof shapes.
FLEX Boots are sold individually and supplied as a complete set of shell, TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiters and backstraps.
You can also buy all parts separately if you need to replace one of the components

You can also order the Flex Boot Small Parts Replacement Set separately here.

The FLEX Boots are the softest hoof boots on the market. They are durable and easy to put on and take off. They have been carefully designed with the horse's well-being as the top priority.
FLEX Boots are light and slim, they are comfortable for the horse.
FLEX Hoof Boots are flexible, supple and durable barefoot hoof boots that provide protection without compromising the function of the hoof mechanism.

The FLEX boot has a unique sole. It is laterally and medially flexible. It takes the hardest pressure off the footing but allows the horse to really feel the ground.

FLEX boots - correct hoof trim For unrestricted pleasure with the hoof boot,
horse owners should round the horse's hooves approx. weekly:

  • any sharp and pointed edges;
  • Hooves that come up toe first because they are too long;
  • narrow heels
  • high heels or a hoof wall,
    that mainly bears the weight alone;

all this damages the boot.

A good trim based on anatomy,
is not only beneficial for the horse,
but also for the function of the boot.

That is why Flex Boot is a "holistic" hoof boot.

For young horses, the Flex Boot is a perfect way to protect the feet from excessive wear and tear, and not make the feet numb. It is like a barefoot shoe for humans.

The Flex Boot has a unique sole that allows you to add 10 to 12 studs per hoof boot.

Flex Boots fit many different hoof shapes and sizes.
-However, if the hoof width is more than 10 mm greater than the length, the FLEX Boots are not ideal for your horse.
-If the hooves are very narrow and the horse has a habit of twisting the legs a lot, FLEX Boots may not be suitable for your horse either.
Remember that flex boots work better when they are a little looser than too tight, so if in doubt, go one size up.

Size-Chart FLEX Boots:

FLEX-Boot Size
Hoof Width approx.
Hoof Length max.
80 75 – 85 mm 90 mm
80W 75 – 85 mm 80 mm
85 80 – 90 mm 95 mm
85W 80 – 90 mm 85 mm
90 85 – 95 mm 100 mm
90W 85 – 95 mm 90 mm
95 90 – 100 mm 105 mm
95W 90 – 100 mm 95 mm
100 95 – 105 mm 110 mm
100W 95 – 105 mm 100 mm
105 100 – 110 mm 115 mm
105W 100 – 110 mm 105 mm
110 105 – 115 mm 120 mm
110W 105 – 115 mm 110 mm
115 110 – 120 mm 125 mm
115W 110 – 120 mm 115 mm
120 115 – 125 mm 130 mm
120W 115 – 125 mm 120 mm
125 120- 130 mm 135 mm
125W 120- 130 mm 125 mm
130 125 – 135 mm 140 mm
130W 125 – 135 mm 130 mm
135 130- 140 mm 145 mm
135W 130- 140 mm 135 mm
140 135 – 145 mm 150 mm
140W 135 – 145 mm 140 mm
145 140 – 150 mm 155 mm
145W 140 – 150 mm 145 mm  
150 145 – 155 mm 160 mm

 PDF: FLEX Boots, how to use

Video: How to fit Flex Boots

> flexhoofboots.com have a Video channel, where to get help on the correct fit of the boot or guidance on parts replacement

> Flex Boot Accessories:

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80, 80W, 85, 85W, 90, 90W, 95, 95W, 100, 100W, 105, 105W, 110, 110W, 115, 115W, 120, 120W, 125, 125W, 130, 130W, 135, 135W, 140, 140W, 145, 145W, 150


schwarz / black, blau / blue, cognac, gelb / yellow, grün / green, lime, pink, rot / red, türkis / turquoise


mit /incl., ohne /without

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