FLEX Ball Rivets


Ball-head screws for the FLEX Boot.
Price per set (6 pieces)

Delivery period 2-5 workdays (in Germany)


FLEX Ball-head screws
The FLEX boot has five ball-head screws as part of the attachment system; the TPU gaiter that goes around the ankle has one ball-head screw at the front to attach the TPU gaiter strap and there are two ball-head screws on each side of the boot to attach the back strap.

The ball-heads are attached to the inside of the boot with screws, with washers between each ball-head and screw. We recommend that you check the ball-head screws on your new product before first use and then at regular intervals to ensure they are tight.

If your horse has a narrow gait, i.e. strides, we recommend that you replace the ball-head screws on the inside of the legs with flat-head screws !

flexhoofboots.com have a Video channel, where you can get help on the correct fit of the shoe or guidance on replacing parts.


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