Easyboot Old Mac’s G2

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Easyboot Old Mac's G2 has a unique hi-tech performance outsole that minimises bruising and reduces recovery time for horses with hoof injuries.
Er ist hervorragend geeignet fürs Freizeitreiten und kann auch als Krankenschuh dienen.

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Easyboot Old Mac’s G2

Easyboot Old Mac's G2 has a high-tech performance outsole and contains EasyCare's patented Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) compound, which minimises bruising and reduces recovery time for horses after sickness-related sole-sensitivity.
When properly fitted, the G2 allows full freedom of movement. This keeps the pressure on the hoof wall low and evenly distributed throughout the boot so that no area receives concentrated pressure. All materials are flexible and soft on the pastern.

It is a great option for leisure riding and can also be used as a therapy boot. Try Old Mac's G2 if your horse suffers from arthritis, broken coffins, navicular disease, laminitis, bruised soles or overreach injuries.
They are particularly suitable when switching from iron to bare hoof.

Old Mac's G2 is characterised by:

- The front shield protects the area that gets the most exposure.
- The distinctive tread design is grippy and offers good traction.
- EasyCare gaiters are included.
- Old Mac's G2 adapts well to irregular hooves.
- The boot can be opened wide, making it easier to put on.

Give your horse time to get used to wearing the G2. The first time, only lunge it without a rider or take it for a walk. Gradually increase the duration and length of the rides. Too much, too soon can lead to rubbing. If your horse has a particularly sensitive skin, use the EasyCare Gaiter (included in the scope of delivery) not only in the initial phase of the G2.

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PDF: Easyboot Old Mac’s G2 Application Guide (engl.)

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