ANIBIO tic.clip


ANIBIO tic.clip

The natural alternative

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The natural alternative: ANIBIO tic.clip

Protection from ticks and fleas

  • Effective for up to 2 years
  • for dogs and cats
  • Free from insecticides
  • also for puppies
  • water resistent
  • Suitable for all animal sizes
  • For all fur types

ANIBIO tic.clip

  • Functionality:
    The ready-to-use ANIBIO tic-clip pendant is energetically activated in a complex process and sealed with a very special layer. This creates a special energy field around the pendant, and thus in the immediate environment of the animal, regardless of its size and type of fur, which now protects dogs and cats from ticks and fleas for up to 24 months.
  • Manual:
    The ANIBIO ticclip pendant is attached to the collar or harness (material does not matter) with the enclosed rings. Where or how exactly the ANIBIO tic-clip is attached is basically irrelevant. For cats or small dogs (up to 15 kg), one ring is usually sufficient.
    Nachts kann das Halsband mit dem tic-clip bedenkenlos entfernt werden.
  • When does the protection begin:
    It takes about 5 days at the beginning until a sufficient protective effect is built up. Please always use the enclosed rings, as these are also energetically treated.
  • Activation:
    From the moment a ring is pulled through the pendant, the tic-clip is now effective for up to 2 years.
  • Important:
    During the day, the tag should remain on the animal's collar at all times, otherwise no lasting protection can be achieved. At night, the collar with the tic-clip can be removed without hesitation. As the tic-clip is absolutely non-toxic, it is very suitable for use with children.
  • Important note:
    The statements about the product described here are based exclusively on internal studies, which are not recognised from the point of view of orthodox science.

Contents of the pack: 1 x Pendant, 2 x Rings

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