Marquis Hoof Boot / marquis®supergrip


  • The classic marquis®supergrip
  • the transparent air chamber is soft and robust
  • Price per pair

Delivery period 2-3 workdays (in Germany)

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The marquis®supergrip with transparent air chamber

A hoof boot with high quality standards and perfectionism, well-tried and always further developed.

  • The Marquis Supergrip is an example of a very high quality orthopaedic hoof boot developed by a vet.
  • Thanks to its patented air chamber system, hoof shapes are balanced and a good hold is achieved in all gaits.
  • The air chamber is soft and robust.
  • The hoof boot is easy and quick to put on.
  • It offers pain relief for horses with chronic laminitis and enables lame walking with sensitive soles, has a shock-absorbing effect and thus protects bones, tendons and joints.
  • With the help of the frog cushion, the Marquis Supergrip provides a massage that stimulates blood circulation.
  • It can be used in all areas: cross country, dressage and jumping.
  • Der Hufschuh ist ein “Baukastensystem”, d. h., alles kann ausgetauscht und runderneuert werden.
  • Sold as pair

Sizes Marquis

Size Hoof Width Hoof Length
0 95 – 109 mm
1 110 – 119 mm sold out
2 120 – 129 mm sold out
3 130 – 137 mm sold out
4 138 – 147 mm sold out
5 148 – 167 mm sold out

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