FLEX Pad Kevlar


FLEX Pads Kevlar.
These pads are 6 mm thick and are sold in pairs.

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The FlexPad KEVLAR has a Kevlar surface to protect the pad against the pressure of the hoof. However, it still does not allow sharp and long hoof walls - these still act like a razor blade against a soft pad and will end up breaking the pads and boots - so don't forget to trim the hooves regularly to keep them in good shape.

The Kevlar surface is a little sticky, so the hoof stays in place even better. This helps very well with rotating hooves, The pad hugs the sole of the hoof and provides soothing stimulation to the sole and frog.

FlexPad KEVLARs are ideal if you want your hoof boots to fit better, your horse needs more hoof protection and you ride mainly in dry conditions.
It absorbs water.
The FLEX Pad Kevlar should be inserted when using the Flex Ice Studs, it prevents the studs from being pushed through.
The pad is placed in the boot with the patterned side facing up!
These pads are 6mm thick

The pad can also be used with other hoof boot models

Size chart:

FLEX-Boot SizePad Size

flexhoofboots.com have a Video channel, where you can get help on the correct fit of the shoe or guidance on replacing parts.

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